Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes, My Life Is Fun!!

I have a really good friend. Well I have several, but today we will talk specifically about one of them who I will refer to as Dee. Dee called me today to chat, during our chat she informed me that she thought she was going to leave her husband (who is also a friend of mine). They have 2 children, both boys, I am thinking he will not be agreeable to her sashaying out of there with his kids but I kept that to myself.....

So I asked her why, although you never really know what is going on in someone's house, I do hear alot from both of them and I do not think they have it all that bad. So get this, if you are not already sitting down, please do so now. I would hate for you to suffer a concussion when you hit your head as you fall to the floor laughing.....

She said....."I don't really want to have to cook dinner and do laundry anymore, and your life is so much more fun than mine!"


So when I had stopped laughing enough to catch my breath and form words I said,"exactly who is going to get dinner and do the laundry if you don't whether you leave him or not?" She had no answer for I continued.

Let me tell you how fun my life is....I spend each and every weekday from about 2pm til dark and all weekends shuttling children from one end of town to the other for activities, not so bad...except it is in a truck that I am never sure how much gas I have as the gas gauge is broken, can' t tell how fast you are going after dark cause the dashboard light is out, it overheats now and then if you sit too long with it running and the radio changes stations and turns itself on and off randomly....but other than that it is fabulous!

Not cooking dinner means one kid eats cereal and the other heats up a can of ravioli...yes, this happens since I lost 3 hours of work running kids around I have to work in the evening....(not cause I am out having fun!)

No laundry means my son wears dirty uniforms to school and my daughter shrieks like a banshee when her clothes are not done...not worth it....(are we having fun yet?)

Fun here includes trying to figure out how to pay for kids braces and dental work with no dental insurance and an ex husband who only pays what he is supposed to when he feels like it. Which is never......

Fun here includes trying to help with homework that I have not a clue how to do....lucky for them their uncle is a math wizard and helps.

Fun here means when the money for my commission only job does not come when it is supposed to that same uncle buys groceries(and yes wine is a necessity Kathy) and gives me money for my kids lunch. Fun is your parents paying your rent when you can't.

Fun here means there is never a minute that you do not worry about how the next bill will get paid. Do you take good enough care of your children? Is it bad that you are happy that you never have to speak to their father again because he won't talk to you? (that is kind of fun)

Fun here means a trip to the grocery store requires sixteen phone calls from my daughter complaining that my son "looked at her, spoke to her" or committed some other grievous act the moment I pulled out of the garage. conclusion....I told her, "perhaps you better rethink the fun part." Not that I am complaining. I prefer my not so fun life as compared to the really not fun life I had while I was married. But I sure don't want her to delude herself that it will all be a cake walk...or that she won't have to cook.......


Invisible Blogger said...

*raises hand* I wanna join in the fun:

As a single mom, if your ex's don't pay support or are ordered to pay very little, then you may get to enjoy having "outgo" monies which far exceed "income" monies.

Cars that can't be repaired; rent that can't be paid; opening your eyes in the morning to check if the ceiling fan is on so you can know if you still have electricity. OH THE FUN OF IT ALL!

Ann said...

Maybe she was planning on leaving the kids with him so he could cook?

Geek said...

I have custody, pay child support, buy groceries, snacks, school supplies, and clothes for a house my kid doesn't goto. The mother's 11th house since we have separated. I also educate, discipline, and love my daughter to my utmost ability, every single day. Only difference is people, who don't know me, still assume I'm like every other father, i.e. non-existent, in a "broken" home when they see me on those rare occasions I don't have my kid, or have payed for a babysitter.
I say let her live her life how she wants to. She will learn what is important to her soon enough. Let's pray its her and her family members futures, and that the decision that makes her happy also gives her children what they need to survive.
We choose a life of simple rewards, most of which we give ourselves. It's not the most glamorous of lives, lets just pray our kids have the time to enjoy our success.

Michael said...

Marriage is not for everyone; a great article to read before "rushing" into things.