Monday, October 26, 2009


Bones that 12 year old broke his foot yesterday playing football. He broke it yesterday morning, and then spent the day at the Daytona Speed Park, limping around. I off course did not know any of this til I picked him up in the evening. He hobbled to the car, told me it hurt a little. So I am thinking to my self, "self, how bad can it be he is not crying, whining and he is walking."

So we get is swollen, black and blue and generally ugly. GREAT! Uncle Rick came over and said, yea he needs an x-ray. We iced it and I took him to the doctor this morning. Two hours, three X-rays is broken. GREAT!

He is off his feet til Thursday when they will put a cast on it, if the swelling has gone down. This kid is tough, I asked him, does this not hurt? (Doc says it should be killing him). He says, "it hurts, but is not killing me." OK...GREAT!

So tonight at dinner, he tells me, "Hey Mom,(every sentence starts with Mom or Hey Mom) it looks like I have broken my first bone." Why does it seem I am the only one here who hopes it is the only bone and not just the first one......his sister who he has been ordering around since she got home from school, said...."Hey Mom, (refer back to every sentence starts with Mom or Hey Mom) if he had broken something bigger would he be in the hospital in traction?" followed by, "can't you give him a pain pill so he will shut up?"

Should be a fun 4-6 weeks here at the beach!