Monday, October 12, 2009


Are you sick of this debate yet? Yes, I am sure you are as sick of it as I am. I am sitting here looking at a letter from my insurance company telling me my rate is going up, not a surprise really, but a bit ridiculous. I work for myself, so I pay for my own healthcare, I have a primary care doctor for my self and my children, I do not go to the emergency room for routine care and I make sure to do all the recommended preventative care.

I pay $77.00 per month or $924.00 per year for my 12 year old son, he has been to the doctor twice in two years, once for a physical and once for a flu shot. My daughter is 10 and I pay $69.00 per month or $828.00 per year for her, she has been to the doctor once for a physical and flu shot. I think their policies are reasonable. My individual policy was 338.00 per month the first year, the second year it went to $438.00 and today I received notification that it will be going up to $538.00 per month beginning in December. WHAT?? That is almost 6500.00 per year. I am not sure who can afford that but it is not me.

So now I have to decide if I want to try and figure out how to pay that ridiculous amount a month for a so-so insurance policy or join the other 46 million people that do not have medical insurance. Not a great choice and I don't see any progress by our brilliant government to fix the healthcare mess anytime soon.