Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Don't Put It In Writing.......

I received the monthly newsletter from my son's school today, imagine my delight when I saw he was on the Dean's List. So he came home from school, I told him he came over and looked at it and said "wow" and walked away. OK WHAT!! He was thrilled when he got straight A's so this was NOT the reaction I expected.....

So.....I said "Curt, come here, are you not happy?"

Curt - "yes Mom I am happy, but look at those kids on the list, they are all smart and good kids"


"Curt, you are smart and a good kid, what are you talking about???"

"Mom, I know I am smart, you know I am smart, but having it in writing is going to ruin my social reputation."

Please deliver me.....


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Becky Smith said...

Love your son's comment. And the scary thing is that I'm sure that make perfect sense to him! :-)