Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to Wisconsin

I feel like I woke up in Wisconsin and not in Florida. I remember one of the (many) reasons why I left the northeast and never went back, every time you leave the house you have to get dressed, I mean really dressed, shoes, socks, a is such an effort to do anything. I have plenty of friends left in the north you have been making fun of me for being cold when it is only 29 here. This is Florida people, it is not supposed to be 29 here. I saw this report on WESH 2 the other day and now feel vindicated that yes, my blood is thin, and I am really cold.

Living In Florida Does Thin Blood

More important than my comfort is the economic impact on our crops, strawberries and citrus. Both are freezing and damage is expected.

Then there are the turtles, Sea World Rescue has been out plucking Endangered Sea Turtles out of the cold water, they are too cold to lift their head to breathe. Frozen Iguanas are in shock and dropping from trees. It is crazy.

According the the all knowing Weather Channel this should all be over by mid-week. Here's to hoping they are right, I want my Florida back!


Ann said...

Insane. Must be the global warming.

NSB Mom said...

I took Curt to the bus this morning, it was 28 degrees on the bank. This is Florida for heavens sake.... Makes you want to slap Al Gore...kidding, I am kidding.