Saturday, February 13, 2010

The 3/50 Project

This is an interesting concept to support local business. Think about this, what 3 independently owned local businesses would you miss if they were gone? I can think of far more than three in New Smyrna Beach, I am sure you can too.

If only half of the employed population in this country spent just $50.00 per month in locally owned businesses and bypassed the big chains it would pump 42.6 billion in revenue. Did you now that $68.00 of every $100.00 you spend at local business goes directly back into the local economy via taxes, payroll and other expenses? This is big money.

So this month eat at your local restaurants, buy gifts at local gift shops (Flagler Avenue has a ton of choices for both of these), drop in at Coronado Hardware in NSB or Osborne Hardware in Edgewater. Buy a bottle of wine at the wine warehouse or OM get the idea.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


The Cheap Gourmet said...

Great information and advice. I vow to only shop at local NSB retailers from this point forward!

NSB Mom said...

Two years ago I decided to do all my Christmas shopping on FLagler, it was a huge success. IT is not always more expensive either, for example, meat at Bridgeton Market is always less, I got a whole pork loin today for 2.99 a lb and they cut it into chops and roasts for me. Bacon last week was 1.99 a lb. Beef is always less and is always better than the chain stores. Printer cartridges are only a couple dollars more than WalMart at CIBU office supply on Canal Street, but you don't have to deal with WalMart. Bagel World has much better coffee than Dunkin Donuts, and the bagels are great! It just takes a little planning and experimentation...