Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunshine Award

Many thanks to my friend Ann over at Ann Crabs, she has nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Go on over and check out her blog, she has freebies, reviews and tons of ways to save money.

The rules for accepting this award is simple, link to the person who gave it to you, and pass it on to 10 other people who bring you sunshine. So here you are--please visit these wonderful blogs!

Kraut Art - fabulous art, love her work, wish I could have it in my house.

The Cheap Gourmet - one of my favorites - I use her advice and recipes all the time.

Volusia County Moms
- things to do all over Volusia County for Moms and younger children

Love Serve & Connect - personal favorite, Pat and I attend the same church

Veg Blogger - warning this one is not for the faint of heart. Very real information on the handling of animals in our food chain.

Naturally Maid Cleaning - this one introduced me to the joy of white vinegar & baking soda.

Holistic Home Schooler - if you homeschool this one is great.

Yes2Local News - covers events before and always has great photos after

Org Junkie - everything under the sun about organizing

This is just a small sampling of the blogs I read and enjoy, stay tuned for an entire page dedicated to it in the near future!


Ruth said...

Hi Roxanne,
thanks for including me in your blog again, and for the wonderful comment. I really appreciate it. I will need to get down to beautiful NSB more and paint some of your scenery!
Ruth from krautart.blogspot