Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who Are You? Prove It!!

If you misplace your license, forget to pay a ticket or simply need to renew and cannot do it online you better be ready with your new documentation requirements. You must have two utility bills to prove your address or a mortgage or lease agreement, proof of social security number and birth certificate. Full requirements are here.

I went to obtain a misplaced license on Monday, however I did not have my marriage certificate...but wait I am not married. I still had to prove how I obtained my name. I did not change it back after my divorce in consideration of my children....ok, but wait I have had a FL license for many years, I have a social security card in my married name. Does not must be able to prove how you got that name. So off to the Records Management Bureau in Orlando I went, to obtain a marriage license to prove I was married to a man I am not married to part...all this occurred on my former anniversary to the man I am not married to but had to prove I was to document my name....if you are following this you are better than I am. Thank Homeland Security....and find your marriage license.


Primal said...

OH just freakin' lovely! My ex through that out when he threw out our 3 children's birth certificates in 1990. (It was an accident that I regularly regret him making.) Looks like I'll regret it again. Didn't I show them that when I changed my name IN THE FIRST PLACE?