Monday, March 8, 2010


So how are you doing on those New Year's resolutions?

Here are a couple of things you can do to help with one of the most know the one. Eat more vegetables, eat better in general and lose weight. We are now practicing Meatless Monday's at our house. There is at least one website dedicated to this cause, which will not only save you money and calories but will also improve the health of the planet and save an animal or two. Here is a list of great blogs dedicated to smarter eating and Meatless Monday.

The other big one is getting organized...I am doing better on this one...except for my closet, that is hopeless. Here are some ideas for that...organizing, not my closet.

The Garagenous Zone - this is an oldy but goody about the garage. Love it. Have not done it but love it anyway!

Closet - this is a pretty good one about the can do it in 10 steps. Perhaps one day I will try it. Not today, but someday.

The Time Manager - Organize Your Desk - this is simple stuff here, not sure why I did not think of it first.

So how are you doing on those resolutions?


Bill West said...

Hi Roxanne,

I'm the author of Your Garagenous Zone, and I'm here also to help your readers. If I can assist them to tackle some of their most confounding problems in the garage, just let me know.

My e-mail is Look for me at

Bill West

NSB Mom said...

Bill, you are kidding, you read my post...can you come to my garage? I LOVE your site...I read it and I want to do it...I need an intervention.