Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Planet Pizza Pub

We finally made it by the Big Planet Pizza Pub tonight. Stopped by really just to check it out. Very nice atmosphere, the ice machine dumps from the ceiling through a clear tube, provided me endless entertainment. Loved it...we sat at the bar and ordered a pizza to go for the kids. We ordered a large pizza/half pepperoni and 1/4 mushrooms. This strange order did not phase our server at all and she made it happen. The large pizza seems pricey on the menu but the thing is HUGE. Very fresh ingredients, excellent pizza, the kids devoured it in no time, I did get a taste and it was excellent. The service was great, the manager stopped by and chatted with us for quite awhile. They have a fantastic selection of draft beers including Woodchuck and Magic Hat, Murphy's Stout and Blue Point. They offer carry out and curbside pick-up. You can take a look at their menu here.

This is a nice fresh addition to the restaurants in the Edgewater/NSB area. It is absolutely worth a visit!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely the WORST I have ever had..I hate fast food but even McDonald's is better .. Fries burnt beyond belief, the burgers the kids got where soggy like water logged.I had the pork osso buco and it was not worth the price.Was supposed to come with a baked potato that was half of one and burnt also. Would not have feed them to a dog. The manger or hostess which ever she was pushed a chair right in to my wife's leg to get it out of her way. The waiter was OK but left drinks go empty to often..
I live in NSB and will never recommended to anyone nor go back.

Thanks for a $50 meal and nothing but horrible food.. Your other restaurants will be supporting this one.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who "Anonymous" is, but he or she must work for the competition!! I also had the pork osso buco and loved it....very large excellent piece of meat. We have been there numerous times and have not had a bad meal. We've had the chicken pot pie, ribs, lasagna, pizza, as well as the pork dish. We highly recommend this restaurant. We especially like all the recycling they've done. Every time we're in there we see something else they've done with the decor....just an amazing restaurant!!

Heidi E. said...

we got take out and it was so burned it was not edible..they must have a cook that cant cook..i dont work for the competition, i really want them to succede..but check your pizza before you leave ?
also i asked the manager there, mike, if big planet pizza would be a vendor at our alternative energy expo 10/10/10. He never called me back and it was clear he is not interested in conservation causes IN THE SLIGHTEST. i dont think they care about the planet there at all, i think its just a scam to make money, but at least theyre using solar! they put this big plastic thing in the box under the pizza that isnt compostable or recyclable and i wonder if its bpa free?
also i dont think the cooks are actually using the herbs outside which is lame..
and, thats what i think of them so far :) i certainly hope they improve..

Smyrnaman Dan said...

Go there at least twice a month. The Pluto Pizza and Martian Pizza is the best. Even though it's not on the menu anymore, they still will make it for you. Great beer specials and Saturday's everything is half off for guys and Tuesday's everything is half off for women. Funky and eclectic fun atmosphere, too. Staff a little slow, but only because they are always packed.