Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Not sure if weirdity is a word...but check out my day....I get home from picking up my daughter at school and there is a car in my driveway with the trunk open...there is a man in my yard picking pears off my Asian Pear Tree...WHY?

So I do the next logical thing...I say, "can I help you?" He gestures at me indicating he does not understand English...(yea right)....OK...I have an Asian man in my driveway picking my Asian Pears and he does not speak English...I am now looking around for the cameras....has to be a joke....I ask him to not take them all (trying to be kind) and go in the house...meanwhile my friend Donna shows up in the driveway...he pulls the same I don't understand you stuff and she says in her most charming voice.."I am sure you understand go...." he went. WHY?

OK, I am thinking to myself...."self, that was weird."

That is not the thing you know my neighbor is at my door....she tells me the fire department and EVAC was just at my house, they got a call to my address (could the pear picker have needed assistance?).....she told them I was gone, they looked in the windows, even came in the house to be sure I was ok.....guess what..they were at the wrong house....WHY?

I am not sure if the planets are aligned in some strange way over my house....but I am thinking that the weirdity must be over now.....I hope.....