Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Good Things

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and websites today and noticed one of my favorite organizers had a link to Whisker Graphics on her Facebook page. This is an old post from July of 2009 but it sure is relevant today. Can you think of 5 Good Things that happened today? How about everyday....try it. I challenged my kids in the car tonight to give me 5 good things that happened today...it was very quiet for a minute. They had to think.....hard..here we go:

My 11 year old Daughter:

1. had cheese for lunch (that would make me happy too)
2. played with Tank (the dog)
3. no homework
4. sunburn is getting better
5. played dodgeball in recess

My 13 year old son:

1. played baseball
2. won the baseball game (yes there is a theme here)
3. had good food
4. Love my Mom (ok he is a suck-up)
5. Sam's back

Life is so simple when you are a kid. So I have printed them the booklet in Whisker Graphic's post and we are going to do this for the rest of the week and see if it gets easier. They will be thinking about it now, so I imagine the answers will get more dramatic. There is so much negative in the news and just in general I thought this was a great idea to get some positive energy going.....and yes, they made me do it too.

1. The cat made me laugh
2. great weather
3. got to watch baseball
4. everyone is healthy today
5. it is raining on my new bushes

I guess my life is pretty simple too when it comes down to it...I guess that should be number 6.


AnnCrabs said...

It is always good to stop and focus on the good things. If nothing else, it takes time away from focusing on the bad.

NSB Mom said...

they have done it every day this week...want to keep doing it...good stuff..makes them think..