Monday, May 17, 2010

Aqua Park

A friend of mine asked me to run by the Aqua Park in Edgewater today to get her a schedule for summer swim lessons....I said "what Aqua Park?" Much to my surprise there is an awesome pool right on Eaton Rd in Edgewater. I stopped by and chatted with the owner John, who is a terrific man with a beautiful facility. They have an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. They offer several sessions of swimming lessons for all ages. Eight lessons is $56.00, that is a deal. The Aqua Park also offers a summer swim league, private pool party rentals, water therapy, water aerobics classes, lap swimming and a whole lot more. You can give them a call at 386-428-5074 or stop by their facility at 600 Eaton Rd in Edgewater.

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Primal said...

Oh! I'm surprised you didn't know. I'll admit, I regularly forget it's there..but I do know it's there (if that makes sense!)

NSB Mom said...

Sadly, that does make sense... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi NSB Mom
I am a Director for the "Barracuda Swim Boosters,inc."We are a group of parents ,who have come together to "SAVE" Aqua Park and the New Smyrna Beach High School Swim Team.We are all parents of swimmers , on the NSB Swim Team.As you may know,John Stearns,first opened Aqua Park back in 1976 and he worked with the high school to move the swim team from practicing in the ocean to Aqua Park.I have actually met a woman who was on the swim team ,before the pool opened and she told me stories of how she and a few others would practice in the Atlantic Ocean and go to swim meets around Volusia County.
Aqua Park ,is "NOW" open and we have set times for anyone who would like to get into shape, fine tune there swimming skills or just enjoy a few laps .Monday , Wednesday , and Friday we are open from 7am till 9am and Monday thru Friday from 3pm till 6pm for the summer (with lane availability)for anyone of any age who would like to swim laps and fine tune there skills.We are willing to help start any kind of program to better service our community.We have time during the day that has been left open,so we may add other programs,as the community learns of our opening up.
We have been signing up sponsors for the last 6 months and because of all the support from our local businesses,we have been able to lease Aqua Park from John Stearns ,so we could help secure a 2011 swim season for the NSB High School Swim Team.
We still need help from our community to continue thru the end of the year,or until the water gets to cold to swim in.
Please help us spread the word to our community.We are also,offering a place that you can have birthday parties,pool parties,weddings,wedding receptions,Boy Scout /Girl Scout meetings,church outings,or any kind of community activities you can think of.
At this time,only the outdoor pool is open.But,volunteers have worked thru the summer to freshen up and give a face lift to our historic and treasured pool.Please tell everyone you know to stop by and see the pool or have them visit our website at they can make donations or contact us.Also,they can e-mail us at or they can call us at 386-689-4068.Where they can make reservations for a summer or fall party or check availability of lanes for morning or afternoon swimming.
Please help us ,keep Aqua Park open to all those who feel so strongly about our beloved pool.Thank you and don't forget to help support all community sports programs, "GO CUDAS"
Thank You
Eli Gansert
P.S.We are all very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.We have also adopted a highway on US 1 from Stuarts Car Care in New Smyrna to just past the Edgewater Yard Shop.It's just another way we are trying to keep our community safe and beautiful for our friends , family , and our fellow citizens.Thank you and have a fun and safe summer

NSB Mom said...

This is GREAT news! I will post it right away!

Lisa said...

Went down today and well this is the 2nd weekend that I have seen it closed. I did not even see any times posted. I wonder if they are closed, closed?

Chris N said...

Just read your post from last Summer wondering if Aqua Park is closed closed.
Well I can tell you we're not and we're still fighting to keep it alive ... could you call me on 386-843-SWIM (7946) so I can tell you more and maybe enlist your help to get the word out about this great little community pool