Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye Coronado

I was sitting in the pick-up line watching the kids from Coronado getting ready to be picked up today. I have done this just about every day for the last three just a few days I will make my last trip to the little school by the beach. My baby is going to middle school. She is thrilled, I am terrified.

I was watching the kindergarten and first grade heading for their cars, giving their teachers hugs and still so excited about school, even this close to the end of the year. I have watched Coach Heer high five every kid as they walk into school every day, I have heard about Mr Hardock and his art projects, Mrs Wright and her music and talent shows, reading counts and who has how many points, I have heard about dodgeball and school lunches and bee stings and my best friend is mad at me and so many other elementary school happenings.... I have chatted with teachers, media specialists, secretaries and janitors over the last three years. Mary Jo and I have joked and laughed and she has made sure I know the schedule for 3 years....What a wonderful school Coronado Beach Elementary has proven to be. I will miss the parents who can feel comfortable to say, "hey get my kid" and no one questions it...the comfort you only get from a small, happy school where everyone knows everyone..

I hear the principal is moving to Indian River Elementary in Edgewater, they will be lucky to have her, she is an advocate for the children, the teachers and the parents. From this point forward Coronado will share a leader with Chisolm Elementary. I hope that is not the writing on the wall that they will be closed in the future as a result of the disaster that is Florida schools. In the meantime I am certain that the teachers and staff there will rise to the occasion and continue to provide the wonderful and awesome experience to all children that my daughter experienced in her time there.

Goodbye Coronado, I will miss my mad dash there every afternoon....I will miss the rutted dirt road, the 15 mph speed limit, the flood every time it rains, the chattering child telling me about her day...I will miss it all and all of you. Thank you and God Bless!