Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Have I Gone?

It hit me today that I am slacking. No new events, no new brain is jello from trying to work from home with usually more than one teenage boy in various states of baseball (at practice, between practice, at training, between training) laying around my house scratching themselves, playing xbox and eating. Throw in an 11 year old who wants a new wardrobe and is obsessed with George Lopez and Eclipse and it is a wonder I am not drooling.

So today I decided to take a walk through the house and figure out what I needed to do to get it in order....join me in the chaos....first of all there are two crumbs of bread in my pantry and a half a bottle of green tea in my fridge (refer back to plural teenage boys). Grocery shopping first on the list.....never mind the 7 cents in my checking account. We must have food.

Moving on....I gathered up my courage and went in my son's room, the one that is housing the eating, scratching, baseball playing teenagers....after I was able to speak in a complete sentence....the end result was 14 popsicle sticks, 4 empty chip bags, I lost count of the Gatorade bottles, dirty dishes and glasses. We won't talk about the dirty laundry....why because that nightmare was across the hall in the normally neatnik daughters room, her door would not open all the way. WHY, you ask....there were 14 wet pool towels behind her door....please deliver me.

Once I stopped hyperventilating I sneaked a look into the bathroom, the cat was perched on the toilet having a drink (apparently toilet water is not just for dogs anymore). There was barbecue sauce stuck to the floor, I am still pondering who was eating barbecue in the guest bathroom, this is a mystery that may never be solved....the banana peel in the trash is also up there on the are you kidding me scale.

The laundry fairy (my mother) has visited a few times this week so there is a myriad of clean clothes and towels(the three that were not behind the door that is) on the dining room table, we have taken to simply helping ourselves to new clothes off the table as opposed to actually putting them away. This means we eat standing in the kitchen...not that it matters when you are having popsicles for dinner.....

When again is it that school starts?


Susan said...

As the mother of 2 teenage boys, your life sounds just like mine. Thanks for sharing.