Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bye Big Girl

Sad and happy day at the ranch today.....6 years ago I bought a Tennessee Walker named Worth The Price, before long she was known as Big Mama. She joined Marco our other Walker at a high point in life. As it often does that ended, I moved back to FL to be near my family, got a divorce and so on....Big Mama and Marco came with us and moved to Marcody Ranch. All was well for a few years and then the economy job became not so great and food and utilities became the topic of the day not horses.

Today Big Mama went to her new home, it took 9 months to find it, I turned down offers to take her, they just were not right. She has gone to the right place and as sad as it was for me and my daughter, that big sweet horse is already happy in her new place. I believe in fate and karma and all that. I was talking about her in the right place at the right time someone overheard me and she found her new forever home. It was kind of meant to be....thank you Cyndy and Maria, and thank you Big Mama for giving me that sweet look and biting my shoulder as I gave you away....I always planned that you would retire in Florida, now you will....


Anonymous said...

Roxanne, I am so sorry that you had to adopt out your horse.
We had to give up our home in PA.
It was a big barn conversion and we loved our home We are now living in Port Orange in my late Mom's condo.
It too was meant to be. (((hugs)))
We are members of First Presbyterian in NSB It is slowly feeling like home.
I said a prayer for your daughter and one for your big equine girl too.
Blessings, Patty

NSB Mom said...

Thanks Patty, the good news is she got a great home and is very very happy, so blessings all around for everyone.