Saturday, July 31, 2010

Call Me Thrifty

I decided to hit some thrift stores this morning, too hot to mow the yard (it was tough to convince myself of that) so off I went in search of a cheap bookcase. I have been looking for one for several luck. How hard could it be to find a wood bookcase. If you don't want to know change the channel now.....

So I started in Edgewater and worked my back up US1. Goodwill had nothing, they do have some really cool stainless retro chairs with orange and purple cushions if anyone is interested. Mike's furniture may have had a bookcase in there but if so I could not find it. Too much stuff. Three Sisters is a new place (well since Feb, I asked) they are next to Mike's on US1, they had a ton of nice stuff and I did make a $3.00 purchase there for a gift for my mother.(I know you are thinking, how lucky is she!) Very nice people. No bookcase. Off to Hospice, no bookcase. Habitat, they had a bookcase, it was teeny tiny and was $40.00. Their prices are high on furniture, it is used for heavens sake. Moving on to Drug Free Youth Thrift, all their furniture is on sale for 50% off. You guessed it, no bookcase. Got a Pepsi and a can of cat food in Dollar General, chatted with some homeless men that I feed on Friday's at the Community Meal and came on back home. Spent $5.00 total, no bookcase. Guess I will mow the lawn.

Have a great weekend!