Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feathers & Friends

My daughter's Beta fish finally bit the dust....this fish rode here in a cooler from NC when we moved several years ago so it had a long happy Beta fish life. However, if you have ever encountered the drama that ensues when an 11 year old girl loses a pet (any pet) then you understand replacing Blueberry (the fish had a name) was a priority of massive proportions. friends at Edgewater Animal Shelter told me that Feathers & Friends in Edgewater had Beta fish. Off we went, in search of the next Blueberry.

Zazu ( a very large bird) greeted us loudly when we entered, he pointed us in the direction of the fish. They have a large collection of both Betas and tropical fish, aquariums and supplies to choose from. Owner Debbie Williams was there to give us details on the different ages and colors of the fish, we discussed her birds and hamsters as well. She is a great source of information and answered all of our questions.

A few minutes and $5.00 later we were off with our new white Beta fish. Feathers and Friends is located at 114 W. Indian River Blvd at the end of the plaza near Subway and the Chinese Restaurant. Stop in and say hi and remember to support your local business!