Sunday, July 18, 2010

Note to Self: Avoid Beach on Sunday!

I took the kids to the beach today. Rare weekend visit, I try and stay away when it is crowded. I remember why now. I believe people are basically good, however, some of them are stupid. Many of those good, but stupid people were enjoying New Smyrna Beach today. Some of them walk in front of cars without looking, I am not talking about small children, I am talking about adults.  Hello, please look before you cross. Playing chicken with cars is a game you will probably not win.

Then we have those that leave their car running, doors open radio blasting, while sitting 10 feet away from the vehicle. Really, Why? Enter Beach Patrol Officer....he stops walks to vehicle, looks around asks whose it is, this brilliant individual now acts as if they did not know whose car it is. Beach Patrol Officer turns the car off, drives away. Brilliant individual gets up and turns car back on. Really, Why?

Then we have the large family who was grilling, eating, drinking and having a good old time on our beautiful beach....drove away and left all their trash in the sand. Really? Why?

I also love it when basically good, but stupid people feed the birds in the middle of a crowded beach...every bird in Volusia County was in attendance. Alfred Hitchcock would have very much enjoyed this little scene.

It was a beautiful day and it is always amusing to watch good, but stupid people come to the beach. I think we will go back to our normal mid-week beach visits. Less people to make fun of but just less people!