Monday, August 23, 2010

What Do You Think About School Lunch?

 Sadly, this fruit is probably not on the menu at your child's school. You can see what is on the menu in your child's school by going to School Menu and putting in your state, county and local school. If you are in the New Smyrna Beach area you will find links to our local schools at the end of this post. Jamie Oliver has brought quite a bit of attention to the National problem of school lunch menu's with his show last year, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I will admit I watched his show in morbid fascination at the garbage they are feeding the kids in the Huntington, WV schools. Take a look at your local menu, I don't think it is a whole lot better.

Here is a great blog from a "regular person" who is alarmed by what we are feeding our kids. Mrs. Q is eating school lunches for the entire 2010 year. Her thoughts and experiences are quite interesting reading. Check out her FAQ if you have time. 95% of all food in school lunches arrives at the school frozen. In other words..... other words...yuck!

I have two children in middle school, my daughter takes her lunch, she says by the time she gets through the lunch line to buy, lunchtime is over. This is a good thing, I know what she is eating. My son on the other hand buys every day, he is pretty good about eating what is good for him, but if nothing good is offered what are his choices? Many children are getting their best meal of the day at school, I think the adults should try and make it a good one.

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