Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Do You Serve?

Life is tough right now, money is tight for everyone. Donations to food banks, toy drives, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army...all are down. If you are interested in serving others it is not always about money, you can serve without giving cash. Clean out your pantry, there is certainly some canned goods your family does not like or you don't feel like cooking. Drop it off at Halifax Urban Ministries or your local food bank. I bet one of your children has a toy that was never opened. Drop it in a Toys for Tots bin at CVS or stop by your local fire station and drop it off.

If you are short on money, you may have time. Check out Volunteer Match to locate a volunteer opportunity near you. Even an hour a week can be a huge benefit to an organization that relies on volunteers. Halifax Urban Ministries, local animal shelters and pet charities like SEVHS, Edgewater Animal Shelter, and Sophies Circle always need help. Volusia County Meals on Wheels  has opportunities available for volunteers. Your local church can hook you up with all sorts of ways to help others if you need some ideas. Volunteer at your child's school, be a mentor....

I have noticed that people wanting to help come out of the woodwork at Christmas, they all disappear again mid-January. I know this because I see them come and go, from feeding the homeless right here in New Smyrna Beach, to cleaning cat boxes at the animal shelter. My challenge to you is this....pick something you believe in and feel strongly about, make a commitment to serve that cause now and all year long. It is not easy, I have had to DRAG myself on occasions to meet my volunteer commitments, but once you get there, you will be glad you did, I know I am!