Friday, December 31, 2010


I was sitting here thinking about New Year's resolutions and really could not think of anything profound that I felt worthy of sharing. Mine are really exciting things like:
1. I promise to vacuum up the black dog hair everyday instead of once a week and 2. Figure out how to keep my almost 14 year old from leaving wet towels on his bedroom floor.
Yes, I am a barrel of excitement as we greet 2011. I will keep you posted how those work out for me as we go forward.....some things to seriously consider as "goals" for 2011 include some shared by a friend (yes I stole these from her, she is awesome) 
1. Say yes to my children more often
2.Take more time for me
3 Work smarter not harder
4.Try not to sweat the small stuff
Last but certainly not least, resolve to support your economy in 2011. Shop local whenever possible, visit locally owned restaurants and stores. (relax, Dunkin Donuts in Edgewater and NSB is locally owned and they are very nice people). 
Welcome 2011!