Saturday, January 22, 2011

Edgewater Farmer's Market

My son had a basketball game this morning so I took the opportunity to hit the Edgewater Farmer's Market. It is located in the parking lot of the Hawk's Park Recreation Building on Turgot. Easier way to find it, act like you are going to the YMCA, it is right there on US1. It is much smaller than the one on Canal Street but for me that makes it easier. It is also open later until 2pm which for me is also a positive. There are three or four produce vendors, one has organic vegetables and spices which I like. Their prices are no higher than the others and much less than Publix. Today there was fresh shrimp and seafood, plants and orchids and even some arts and crafts. I went with twenty dollars and came home with six. I got produce for the week including the ingredients for my very favorite vegetarian chili.

Check out the local farmer's markets and support your local business!


cynthia ellsworth said...

I have gone there two weeks in a row and they are not set up anymore. I would love to know what happened because I was there just a few weeks back and there were several booths set up. Please reply if you know what happened to it. thanks

NSB Mom said...

I heard a few weeks ago they were closing due to low attendance.