Thursday, January 20, 2011

Juice & Grandma Moments

I had dinner with my brother last night and I brought him a bag of oranges off my super fantastic orange tree. We were chatting with another friend about oranges, juice and how we get fresh juice....(okay I am getting to the point.)  During the course of this fascinating conversation about oranges, and juicers we touched on the fact that I have a is a Hamilton Beach Hand Juicer, Model 379. Here is it:

Yes that is an actual photo, please disregard my dirty is it possible that a Hamilton Beach Model 379 could still be operational and juicing my oranges like crazy....this little juicer was given to me by my Grandma Reynolds. She died in 1989. This bad boy has moved from New York to Florida to Tennessee to North Carolina and back to Florida. I still remember my Grandma juicing grapefruit she brought us back from her winter trips to Florida using this like 1970. So this antique juicer is probably circa 1969 or so, I tried to find the year online tonight and my search turned up nothing.  I am certain by now you are wondering why I am sharing this with you..perhaps you are thinking...has she lost her mind and is about to invite us all over for juice?

No, I am sharing this for no other reason than to remind you (and myself), how a 30 year old juicer can bring back lots of good stuff. Growing up stuff, Grandma stuff, memories we may put away but won't forget. This reminds me that I saw my Grandmother wear pants....oh never. She always wore dresses, we had our Grandma manners and our at home manners, my Mom and Dad took care of her when she got old, she lived up the road from us, we visited her every day. The kids sat at a separate table on holidays. She had a gray and white cat that I found as a kitten and she kept til it was old and died. I would ride my bike to her house to complain about my mean mother and father. My brother and I took turns staying at her house, we mowed her lawn and she had the most gorgeous summer flowers. She was the best, and when her juicer quits working I won't throw it away. My kids will have a Grandma Reynolds moment, I am pretty sure it will involve food, her turkey dinner, her gravy (I suck at gravy), her real homemade Macaroni and Cheese...whatever it is they won't forget it.....ever.

What is your Grandma moment?