Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Money for Subs?

It is no secret our schools are woefully underfunded and teachers are working with nothing. Rick Scott seems determined to finish the destruction of the school system in Florida.

Having said all that....did you know that NSB Middle School has "run out of money" for substitute teachers. So if your child's teacher is out, and it is PE, Music, Art or any other elective they are combining classes and nothing is being taught. For example...this week, 3 classes were combined into one and one substitute had roughly 90 kids in the auditorium to watch a movie on natural disasters. Some kids saw it teacher I spoke to (who asked to remain anonymous) said that the regular classes are also being affected. Not sure about you but I am really not okay with this. I emailed the principal tonight to see what type of answer I get and I will keep an open mind until he answers me....what are your thoughts?

The fabulous picture above is the HPCS Middle School in Holland Patent, NY. That is the school my brothers and I attended and the public school system my father taught at for 30 years.