Monday, June 20, 2011


Somehow I missed Father's Day.....I am a slacker. Last week went by in a blur, so much for my theory that when school got out I would have all kinds of time.....on to Father's Day. I have mixed feelings about Father's Day. I love my Dad, that is him above with the famous Marco. Who we still have in direct relation to the fact that the man standing next to him LOVES his granddaughter. He is a money pit and ole Grandpa often picks up the tab.

Back to Father's Day, love my Dad, love my brother, who often steps in as "Uncle Rick", and helps out with the kiddies. Yesterday my son and I went to my parents with Uncle Rick for Father's Day, had lunch, nice peaceful day.

Then I took that same son to the batting cages. He was the only kid there with his mother on Father's Day. This was not an issue for all. This is his normal. It pissed me off. 

On the way home I said, "Curt, did you call your Dad?" I got "the look" as I call it. It is the "are you a complete and total moron Mom look". If you have a teenager you have seen it. "Sooooo", I said "guessing that is a NO." He gave me the look again and said "maybe I will text him in a couple days and say hey I forgot to call you....kind of like my birthday and Christmas."

Being me of course I could not just DROP IT. So I said, "Curt, are you upset?" He says, "no Mom, I am done with all that, YOU are upset, I like hanging out with my Mom on Father's Day."

Love Curt, still don't like Father's Day......back to our normal programming tomorrow. Stay tuned!