Saturday, July 16, 2011

Frosty King Creamery

I never turn down ice cream. Ever. It is best if it is not even in my house. So when my parents asked us to go to Frosty King tonight I did not have to be convinced. Frosty King has Soft Serve and Homemade Ice Cream that they make themselves right onsite. They have dairy free selections, yogurt, fresh fruit smoothies, parfaits, milkshakes, floats. If you can think of it and it involves ice cream they probably can make it.

Tonight I had a double chocolate mint ice cream cone. It was ridiculously good. My daughter had a soft serve cone and my son a Root Beer Float. My parents tried Pistachio and Moose Tracks. Delicious. Prices are good and service is friendly. My only suggestion would be when there is a line that one person serve and then the other person ring up the customers. They have one person wait on you and then they also ring you up. Makes it a little slow when they have to wash their hands, don gloves and get to the next person. All in all it is a great local business, with a wonderful product and is absolutely worth a visit!

They are located at 1020 S. Ridgewood Ave in Edgewater.  They do have drive-thru service. You can check them out on Facebook.

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