Saturday, July 23, 2011

Please Watch Your Kids

If you live in or visit New Smyrna Beach and watch the news you know that driving on the beach is constantly under fire. Tragically children have been hit and killed playing on the beach in New Smyrna and Daytona.

I spent the last two days at the beach. I don't usually drive over but I had boogie boards, coolers and kids so I did. I thankfully have teenagers that I don't have to watch every second but remember the days when I did (see pic above). 

Yesterday on three separate occasions small children (under 5) ran in front of me in the driving lane. I am in a black SUV so I don't blend in, not hard to see coming. They just did not look. One of them had no parent in sight and could not have been more than 4 years old. Besides the fact that it is a big parking lot with cars going back and forth there is a very large body of water right there to drown in. Shaking my head.....

Another pair of children ran in front of me with their parents walking behind them, they gave me this sheepish grin and kept walking. Really, you won't be grinning at me like an idiot thinking your kid is cute if he is under the wheels of my truck. Perhaps when they ran in front of me and I stopped you should have explained to them what they did wrong so they might think next time. OR better yet why aren't you hanging on to that 3 year old as she crosses 2 lanes of traffic. You would do it on a regular road why not now?

For the most part I am hopeful (but not certain) that parents are vigilant about watching their kids on the beach. I have to say the past two days concerned me. There is a no drive beach that starts from 27th Ave with plenty of parking and access points along the way. If you have children and are not sure you can watch them adequately in the drive on area than please use the no drive beach.

Thanks for using our beach and please be safe!