Saturday, July 9, 2011

Support Edgewater Fire Rescue

My favorite produce vendor is now at the Edgewater Farmer's Market. After I visited him today I stopped and chatted with the Edgewater Fire Rescue Officers that were taking blood pressure and giving out information. They are in a pretty serious fight to be allowed to transport patients instead of waiting for EVAC Ambulance whenever they have a call.

Why is this important?

In January of 2010, a 32 year old woman with asthma died while Fire Rescue waited for EVAC to get there to transport her to the hospital. The closest EVAC ambulance was 30 minutes away. Requests by Edgewater for permission to transport this patient were denied. Imagine her family standing around watching her die while they frantically tried to save her and were not ALLOWED to take her to the hospital.

In April of 2011 Edgewater Fire Rescue responded to a doctor's office for a patient with heart problems. EVAC was 20 minutes away. Edgewater transported the patient, the Fire Chief who authorized the transport had his Paramedic privileges suspended by the County Medical Director. WHAT?

In June of this year the Edgewater City Council unanimously approved Edgewater Fire Rescue's request to apply for necessary permission from Volusia County to provide full time Advanced Life Support ambulance transport for its citizens and visitors.

The Edgewater Fire Rescue Department is made up of professional firefighters and paramedics who are dedicated to saving lives, that is what they do. Two years ago they saved my father when he was suffering a heart attack, lucky for us EVAC was available and close by so neither of the situations above happened to us.

Take a minute and contact the Volusia County Council members below and urge them to approve Edgewater's application for Advanced Life Support Transport. You can click on their name to go directly to their email. For more information on this contact Edgewater Fire Administration or Chief Stephen Cousins.

Frank Bruno, County Chair
Patricia Northey, Vice Chair District 5
Joyce Cusack, At Large
Andy Kelly, District 1
Joshua Wagner, District 2
Joie Alexander, District 3(Edgewater)
Carl Persis, District 4


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