Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Samsula Tractor Parade

The Annual Samsula Tractor Parade is this Saturday at 3pm. This will be the first year in 5 years that the most gorgeous horse (look up) ever has not been in the parade. Last year we concluded he is not really a parade horse...tractors make him mad....and we moved him to a new low key barn with no stress....

Having said all that...head out to Samsula and check out the Tractor Parade. It truly is great fun! They start at the SNPJ Lodge on Samsula Rd and head out to SR 44 and turn around. Sitting at SR 44 and Samsula Rd is the VERY BEST boiled peanuts and hot dogs in the area. He has a big flag out and is in the little white trailer in the lot right across from the Crow's Nest. We stop every weekend and grab some peanuts good stuff!

Enjoy the parade!


Betty said...

I would really like to have those pnuts & watch the parade.