Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Simple Celebrations

We are quickly leaving Christmas and heading to the New Year....how quickly time goes by. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day just flies by....what are you celebrating as we go into the new year. I was thinking back on this year and have many things to celebrate as we kiss 2011 goodbye.

Work is busy
Kids are healthy, happy, good grades....
I have a new house
Our family has a really cool new significant other in the family (not mine) - refer back to I have a new house....all related
My parents are healthy and have their mental faculties intact (well for the most part)
The Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movie season is drawing to a close
Jon Stewart and Joe Scarborough are still talking politics (and making me laugh)
I have the most awesome friends
I got a new bike for Christmas
Our Beach is the best

Yes, some of these are painfully simple, perhaps we should make 2012 a simple year. Enjoy whatever you celebrate as we leave 2011. Thanks for reading!