Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Nice!

The last two days I have shopped in the Publix on the beach. On both occasions the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies outside the in the wind and cold. Yes, I bought Thin Mints both kids love them (I might have had one)

So I have to tell you, I was surprised and dismayed by the number of people who ignored these little girls, turned their heads to avoid eye contact or were just plain rude. Really? How about "No thank you, but thanks for asking." It is my belief that these little girls will certainly grow up to have better manners than the adults I saw today. 

As a parent who has had to raise funds (this means beg for money) for woefully underfunded athletic programs in our schools. I ask those of you that don't have to beg for money to be mindful that none of us wants to do it, if we want equipment, uniforms, coaches, blah blah blah, it costs money. 

The girls scouts, the baseball team, the swimmers, runners, the band and the debate team all have a pretty good chance of staying out of trouble, graduating and going to college. Those little girls you ignored this morning are the doctors, lawyers and community leaders of tomorrow. polite and respectful. Please.