Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Panheads Pizzeria

We have not talked pizza in awhile...Due to my (typical) poor planning we found ourselves at 7:30 pm with no dinner. Two starving (aren't they always) teenagers constituted an emergency. Cereal was not an option and Mikey's, our favorite beachside pizza is closed on Tuesday. So, trying Panheads seemed like a good choice.

I drove over and took a look at the menu and chatted with the bartender about my white pizza options. I ended up ordering a large "White Wedding" Pizza, half of which I asked for plain. After about 20 minutes he brought me this HUGE pizza ready to go. It was fantastic, hot, delicious. Love their crust, fresh toppings. All around excellent.

You can check out their menu and their website. I saw on the board they have daily specials and are now serving wings. We will definitely be enjoying some Panhead's Pizza again and going back for the wings.

Panheads is located at 113 S. Orange St - right behind Thai Mango off Canal Street. They are open every day except Sunday!

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