Monday, July 23, 2012

Who is Charley...and What is a Grom?

Who is Charley? He is Charley Hajek...and he has been surfing for a gazillion years (well at least 30 years) and he has a bunch of championships to show for it. Known here in NSB as Gnarley Charley, he has taken on the daunting task of teaching Grom's to surf and compete.

By the way...a GROM is a "young" surfer, not necessarily a beginner but usually under the age of 15.

Gnarley Charley runs the Gnarley Charley Surf Series at the Flagler Ave Beach Ramp. This gives kids a great opportunity to surf in competition, learn how to compete and have a GREAT time doing it.

The next contest is on August 4th, registration starts at 8am and the competition starts at 9am. You can get more information and registration forms on his website.

If you have a Grom or wanna be Grom, or even if you want to learn to surf give Charley a call and he can set you up with some lessons.

You can check out the action, look at some pictures and meet Charley on his website or his Facebook page.

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