Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Florida Coupon Savers Class

Ever wonder what the big deal about using coupons is? It is much bigger than saving 50 cents here and there....I was one who once in a while used a random coupon for dog food and what not. I am a coupon convert, saving $50 or more a week with my stash. There is a method and a system to consistently saving money with coupons.

Florida Coupon Savers is sponsoring a free Real World Couponing Class at 9:00am, September 8th at the Piggotte Center, 504 Big Tree Rd., South Daytona. Their is no charge for this class and it will be taught by the owners of the website Florida Coupon Savers. Coffee and donuts will be provided as well as a raffle.

In this class you will not only learn how to match up sales with coupons, but also where to find coupons, store policies, coupon lingo and how to make the most of the deals to fit your needs. I took a similar class and it made a huge difference. Immediately following the class there will be a coupon exchange, so bring your unwanted coupons and trade them for the ones you need!

Space is limited for this class. Register by emailing contact@floridacouponsavers.com.