Saturday, September 15, 2012

Green Flamingo Organics

It is no big secret I love the Farmer's Market. We have several to choose from here in our area. The Green Market in Port Orange at the Pavilion which should be opening this fall, no date has been announced yet. There is the weekly market at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. That is every Wednesday. The Saturday morning markets at Hawk's Park in Edgewater, Sams Ave in New Smyrna Beach and at Norwood's Fine Seafood on the beachside in New Smyrna Beach.

I have been to them all, the most convenient and my favorite is the one at Norwood's. It is relatively new but has everything I want. This week I discovered one of the vendors I visit with weekly is Green Flamingo Organics. I was chatting with the gentleman who runs this one and got some great information on where they get their produce, milk, eggs etc. Much of it is grown right here in Oak Hill and now in New Smyrna Beach off of Corbin Park. Much of their vegetables are seasonal so when it is in season they have it. Today I got cucumbers, mushrooms and some of the best sprouts I have ever had. All were locally grown. I also got some fabulous lettuce that was grown in a local hydroponic greenhouse. Also organic. If you are thinking this must have cost a fortune, you would be wrong. I had a grocery bag full of produce and I spent less than 15.00.

They also open their farm stand on Thursday afternoon's so you can visit them them. Details on their website.

You can also get fresh locally grown produce from Agony Acres, they are located in Samsula and are at Norwood's each Saturday. Today he had some terrific fresh green beans. Grown right down the road in Samsula.

You can also find Little Foodie and her organic baby food, organic coffee, kettle corn, orchids, fresh bread, fresh shrimp and more at Norwood's. Check it out!