Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Smyrna Vitality

Most days find me running like a mad person, between two schools, baseball practice, work, the grocery store, two schools, get it. That is how it is for everyone these days. Unfortunately we do not take any time for ourselves and our health. 

Wednesday I had a chance to try out New Smyrna Vitality's Aqua Massage. To be honest, twice I picked up the phone to cancel my appointment...why, because I did not have time. I did not cancel and I am SO glad I went! 

So what is it?...a big space ship looking machine that you climb in and get a full body massage. I did 20 minutes and felt like a new person when I was finished. The best part is it is quick and convenient. New Smyrna Vitality is located at 399 Canal Street, it is in the building next to the NSB Athletic Club. So easy to just drop in and get away for 20 minutes. It is also inexpensive, this month they are running specials at about $1.00 a minute. Great way to rejuvenate for twenty minutes and not break the bank. 

Another advantage for me is it is totally solitary, 20 glorious minutes that I did not have to talk to anyone...I cannot remember the last time that happened.(I don't count sleeping)

Mary Lou operates New Smyrna Vitality and she not only offers massage but other great wellness products to enhance your life. Right now if you go online and like their Facebook page you can try out a free 20 minute massage. I HIGHLY recommend it. It is one click and a phone call...

I am planning on getting the two a month deal and making it a regular habit...if you would like to try that out as well like their page and leave me a comment and we will randomly draw for a monthly package. Use it yourself or give it away as a gift. 

New Smyrna Vitality also offers gift certificates, I can think of nothing I would like better than the gift of health!