Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rescue, Rescue, Rescue

Big Dumb Rescue Dog

I received an email today from a reader, not to strange I get a bunch of emails. This one stands out because the reader was "unliking" me on Facebook and advises she will no longer read my blog.

Why you ask? Let me quote...."I can no longer tolerate your support of shelter animals, posting pictures and asking for donations."

 First...let me say. It is my blog and my Facebook page and if I want to support local shelters and a Pet Food Pantry, I will. Second of all...REALLY?? You are pissed off because I encourage adoption from shelters, and think supporting our ONLY Pet Food Pantry in Volusia County is a good thing?

Please unlike me, please don't read. Goodbye, good riddance. 

Every pet in my house and my parents house and in many of my friend's houses (thank you Glenda) are rescues. If you don't want to adopt don't...if you don't want to read don't.

The facts are..people get cute puppies....they fail to train them and bring them to shelters...people lose their jobs...cannot keep their pets...bring them to shelters....people are jerks...dump their dogs and cats at shelters....you will never find a better pet than a shelter pet...a rescue pet...you are rescuing..saving an animal no one wants....I will continue to post pictures...ask for food and beg for homes...if I offend you please feel free to move on!

If I don't Rescue Rescue Rescue....or donate donate donate!

 Please support Edgewater Animal Shelter - Second Chance Rescue - Sophie's Circle.