Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ramunto's Pizza

Big Planet Pizza was recently replaced by Ramunto's Pizza. I believe they are part of a chain from New England/North East area of the country. I always had a love/hate relationship with Big Planet, their service was good, sometimes and their food was okay although rather on the expensive side.

A friend and I decided to give it a whirl on Thursday night. Ramunto's has new owners however, not much has changed on the inside, other than the big wood ovens appear to be gone and have been replaced by a regular pizza oven, I may be wrong but I did not see any fire over there like you used to see when they were making the pizza before. The placards on the wall in the bathrooms and around the restaurant still say Big Planet Pizza.

Many of the same people are working there, which is good. They kept their jobs. We did see a few new faces. It is a completely different menu, and it is still pricey. I tried the Spinach & Artichoke dip that another friend ordered, which is $8.00 and comes serves with breadsticks, it was a huge bowl of the dip and was good. We also ordered a white pizza off the menu, the New York style is $19.95 with extra toppings $2.25 each. The pizza was huge with plenty of cheese, toppings were a tad sparse, we got spinach and mushrooms, there were a few spinach leaves and a couple of mushrooms. It was a good pizza but probably not a $25.00 pizza. The calzones were also huge and the salads were good sized. We did not try these but asked the people around us and they said they were good.

I hope they succeed, I think with their prices it may be tough for Edgewater to support them. I still think the best place to grab a great pizza and a drink is either Panheads on Orange off of Canal or That's Amore behind Clancy's on Flagler. To grab a quick take out Mikey's on 3rd Avenue beachside is my favorite.

I could not find a website or Facebook page for this location but if I do I will add it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Our main problem was always the staff...never could get a good server. And the last time we were there my husband reamed out the manager for being so nasty to one of the workers who was trying to do her job! She kept yelling at the poor girl all through the bar area...not very professional! Hopefully the new owners will be on site to see what happens there daily...