Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Trouble

I love my blog, I love my readers...I love normal! Since June 3rd I have posted as normal as I can. I have attempted to do what I do and post events and happy happy joy joy from around NSB.

Monday, June 3rd(my son's birthday) my mother had elective hip replacement went great...Monday night I left her at about 8:30 pm she was looking for her glasses and a crossword puzzle.

Tuesday morning my 80 year old father was calling....."we have trouble...big trouble...can you come...she has had a stroke." Of course I was there in the 3 minutes it took me to get over the bridge to Bert Fish. My brother met me there..why? This happens sometimes I was told...I missed that part of the presentation.

So my totally with it 73 year old mother who took care of my dad, me, everyone around her is now not responsive. Really? How did this happen? I quickly learned how it happened is really not relevant... what we do now is. I will give you all advice on that later.

I stressed out the first few days that I was "missing work" how can I pay the bills, take care of my kids...etc. I sat at the hospital for hours, days, I could not leave my mother. I was almost sick with of her doctors, said to not look at is at the glass half empty...sit with your to her. figure it out. Easy to say when the electric bill is paid.

I did not understand what he meant. Today I did. I helped her eat her lunch, I sat with her on her bed...I talked to her about getting better, her words are slurred but her mind is sharp. We talked about my Aunt Gayle, my son Curtis, and my daughter Sammi (who she wants to make sure we get a birthday cake). She told me were to find her checkbook, she misses her dog, she wants to go home.

God willing and some good rehab, she will get home. I am not not ready to lose my Mother...electricity or not...I will be there...


Kathy B. said...

Roxanne, I can empathize with you! My stepfather had a heart attack 3 months ago and he's been in 5 hospitals/rehabs since then! Let me know if I can help you in any way. I mean that.

NSB Mom said...

Thank you so much.