Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mom, Your Hair is Blue

Soooo, I took my daughter for her sports physical today, as we are standing at the desk checking out she says to me. "Mom, your hair is blue." My hair is not blue. So I told her. "Sammi, my hair is not blue." She gave me that you are so stupid 14 year old look....and said, "Mom, your hair is blue." Then she proceeded to hold a couple of strands of my hair up to my face. Since I cannot see anything that is not held at least 3 feet from my face I said, "I see no blue in that hair." Insert charming 14 year old, "Mom, you can't see anything and held it further away. Guess what, my hair is blue. I have sprinklings of blue throughout my hair.

Why you ask is my hair blue? I have no idea. The very nice lady checking us out at the doctor's office decides this is the point to chime in. "Maybe your Mom wants to look modern." Seriously. Maybe she wants to get slapped.

Back to brilliant 14 year old. "Mom, did you color your hair this morning?" Why, yes sweet child I did, I was trying to get rid of that calico cat look that I have been sporting for two weeks. Oh...and yes I want cheery medical check out chic to know that I colored my own hair this morning. (trying to look modern don'tcha know.) "You must have left it on too long and now your hair is blue."

That is all. Carry on.