Thursday, July 25, 2013

Very Sad Day

Yesterday my 16 year old son got his driver's license. He was quite proud of himself, the examiner told him he had the highest score of the day. I Was Scared. 

Last night a 16 year old boy that he has gone to school with, played baseball with and has known since elementary school was killed in a terrible car accident. A tragedy for the kids, the parents, the school, the community. 

We cannot protect our children from everything, it is a different world than the one we grew up in. All we can do is be vigilant, as I know Cody's Mom tried so hard to be. 

My son was reading me Cody's tweets last night...this one stuck with me. "Straightening up. I'm going to make you proud mom" and this one broke my heart. "You'll never honestly know how much you love some one.! Or care about them intel there dead an you don't get to tell them how you really feel"

I have known Cody and his Mom for many years. She puts her heart and soul into her children. No one should endure what this family is going through today.

Cody Goodrich & his mother Brandy

I hope and pray that this tragic accident affects all of these kids in a positive way. That they think! If not about themselves and their future but about those that love them and worry every time they leave the house.

Talk to your kids, tell them it will break your heart if something happens to them. I did, today to my son and his best friend. They both looked at me and said..are you crying?

Yes, we are all crying, for Cody, his mother, his little brother, we are crying for everyone who loves him. We are crying for all of those kids in that truck, all those whose lives will never be the same.

We are crying.

Visitation for Cody is on Sunday from 4-8 pm at Settle - Wilder - the Funeral is Monday at 11:00 am at the First Baptist Church of Oak Hill.

Please keep his family in your prayers.

"There but for the Grace of God, go I"


Troy said...

I went to school with Cody's parents. When I heard about the wreck, I was without words because I really didn't want to believe it. I remember him playing flag football at the YMCA and he would ask to play on the team that I was coaching. This was a really terrible night. an image that I can't deal with is of a mother grieving over her child. To the family, especially Brandy, may you find comfort in Jesus at this time.