Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving List

Thanksgiving 2012

I was sitting here watching cooking shows on Food Network and pondering making a Thanksgiving grocery shopping list, which of course led me to looking through old pictures on Facebook. (yea I know, WHAT?). It occurred to me that holy crap I have to cook Thanksgiving Dinner and how much different this year is. This is the Holiday that we always go to Grandma's house. Every year she says, "I am not cooking next year." Every year she does. Granted the last few years we have helped her more but she always has it at her house.

This year she is residing in the Health Center of Daytona after having a stroke. She can't walk and her left hand won't move at all. She won't be cooking this year. We won't even have it at her house this year. Her house is empty, waiting to be sold, most of their possessions are in storage. My father(and their dog and cat) are living with us (and our dog and cat) and I am cooking dinner. (don't be scared I have done it before)

The good news is I have found a wonderful woman who is going to bring my mother to our house for the day(we are celebrating the holiday on Friday)so that she can have Thanksgiving with us. She wants to make the gravy. My gravy is notoriously bad, like terrible. I am happy that she remembers how bad my gravy is. This is a small victory in the world of a stroke patient.

So getting to the point of this rambling...although we may not be where we want to be right now, we are where we are supposed to be and there is always, always something to be thankful for. Sometimes you just have to look hard to find it.

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Sharon Lowe said...

Never will have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your family and you will have fantastic gravy!!! So much to be thankful for!! Many blessings and prayers to you and your family!!