Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Year's Resolution..... not to make a New Year's Resolution, at least not one of any importance. We humans do it every year, we are going to lose weight, get in shape, find a mate, live on a budget, get organized...the list is long. The new beginning signaled by the New Year motivates us to be a new person, at least for a couple of days or maybe even weeks. Then life smacks us in the face and BAM, back to eating chocolate in our comfortable state of utter chaos. 

I quit making resolutions in my 30's, it was too depressing. 

I will ignore Jessica Simpson and her Weight Watchers ads, the annoying guy from eHarmony who is dying to find my perfect match, and all of those super fun to read organizing bloggers. (There has to be an organizing gene that some people are born with).

So this year I will set some realistic goals….read more books, play less Candy Crush, embrace my messy garage and spend more time at the beach!


Kat said...

Love it! I'm following suit and plan to spend more time at the beach with you! Xoxo happy new year!

Kat said...

I love this! I will go to the beach with you!