Monday, January 27, 2014

Edgewater Animal Shelter-Did You Know?

Beautiful Bella above is available for adoption!

Have you visited the Edgewater Animal Shelter lately? It is located at 605 Mango Drive in Edgewater. They are run by Volusia Society for Aid to Animals which took over from the city awhile back. I visited with the staff and took a look around the shelter last week. So many positive changes going on! The staff is great and they work so hard to get the animals adopted into great homes! Last year they adopted out 112 cats and 113 dogs, a total of 225 animals that found homes!

Did you know they offer a low cost shot clinic on Saturday from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm? They also sell used animal crates of all sizes at deeply discounted rates. Most importantly their funding is mainly from donations and community support, so if you can help please do!

If you have a minute stop by and see all the new things they have going on and drop a bag of Purina Cat or Kitten food by. They are always in need of that with a very busy cattery! You can check their Facebook page for updates on everything from adoptions to special events. Find it here.


Corrine said...

A huge improvement since the new director took over & hired new employees!