Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Elections

I was sitting here reading the News Journal this morning and stumbled upon the Election 2014 section. You will be shocked to hear I have an opinion on our local elections, you will be even more shocked to hear that I am going to share it.

Volusia School Board-District 3:

There is no gray area in this race. The ONLY candidate that should be considered is Linda Cuthbert. Linda is a retired school teacher, she knows the struggle that teachers, administrators, parents and yes, the students face. Her opponent is an attorney, his kids go to private school and he has run unsuccessfully for a couple of other offices. I do not believe his priority is our children but in fact is about getting elected, to something.

This position is supposed to be about our kids and their education. I believe after talking to Linda and her supporters that she will make that a priority. That is her only agenda. She is not a politician and has conducted herself during this campaign with class, and she will make this her full time position. She is not the best choice, she is the only choice. 

Read News Journal Q&A here

New Smyrna Beach City Commission Zone 2:

Without a doubt Jake Sachs. Jake is a retired firefighter. He has the endorsement of our city's fire and police department (they all need to vote). Jake has absolutely no agenda other than keeping our city a great place to live. He has worked tirelessly to improve our environment with the Marine Discovery Center and Surfriders and is a fan of smart growth and infrastructure improvements, which we need desperately. He is well aware and ready to jump into the problems with our Sports Complex, he has spent quite a bit of time understanding what the actual problems are. ( I know this as I bent his ear about it).

I do not know his opponent, I do know that when I read the quotes in the News Journal this morning I noticed something that bothered me. He is suddenly all in favor of MDC, re-planting of sea grasses and the adoption of fertilizer ordinances. These are issues that Jake has been very vocal about(and has spoken about to the County Council) and I find it interesting that Steve is talking about them.

I like Jake for this one, he is not a politician, he is a citizen who believes in our city, he will also make this his full-time position and will get out there and talk to people and get things done.

Read the News Journal Q&A here.

Mayor of New Smyrna Beach:

I think both of these candidates are really nice guys and I don't think either one of them is a bad choice. I do think that Jim Hathaway will make a great mayor. He is dead on when he says the city needs direction. The future of this city is our kids and he is spot on when he says the priority needs to be the Sports Complex and our flooding situation and not the Brannon Center. He also has clear opinions on the CRA money and I agree with giving low interest loans and using the CRA money for what it is intended.

Jim has served our city well for many years and I think if he is elected he will continue to do so in the best interest of our residents, the environment and the economy.

Read news journal Q&A here. 

These are my opinions only, the most important thing is to get out and vote. Please don't think your vote does not matter. If enough people think that way it can change the course of the election. Vote. Early voting is going on now at the NSB Public Library. Election Day is November 4th.