Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Curbside Delivery

I have been wanting to try Curbside Delivery and today my always starving 17 year old came home today from the high school today for his OJT program ( I refer to it as work release) and proclaimed our house a "food free zone" and demanded to know what I was going to do about it.

The answer was Curbside Delivery. I jumped on their website and ordered some wings, fries and onion rings from Scruffy Joe's and problem solved. You can pick from a variety of restaurants to order from and I understand they continue to add choices.

So how did it turn out you ask? Fabulous!! Their website is very easy to navigate, I had the order complete in a couple of minutes. They had a question about my order and called to ask, the estimated time of delivery was 1:52 pm. The very nice lady who brought the food to my door arrived at 1:52. Seriously, exactly 1:52. The really cool thing was I was sitting at my computer working while I waited and I got email updates, when the driver arrived at the restaurant and when she was on her way. There was no mystery about when the food would arrive. It is quite impressive.

The food was hot, fresh and the now three teenage boys standing in my kitchen were fed without incident. Yes, I recommend Curbside Delivery, I will use it again in the future for sure. You can check out their website here. Check out their Facebook page here.

On a side note, I strongly believe in supporting local business and our community. This business also happens to be a huge community supporter and recently made a large donation to the high school baseball program. So good service, reasonable prices and community supporter. Excellent!