Friday, April 17, 2015

The Local Butcher

My friend Glenda and I had lunch at The Local Butcher (430 Canal Street) on Thursday. I have been meaning to get in there but haven't had a chance. I have heard only good things and was looking forward to lunch. They did not disappoint.

They have their daily menu up on a chalk board in the front, you can order and take it out, call ahead and they will have it waiting for you or sit down and let them bring it to you. We chose to dine in. I had a roast beef sandwich that came on this jalapeno cheddar biscuit and had a brown gravy with it, I was thinking the gravy thing was kind of weird. I should just not think, it was fabulous. Half of the sandwich is pictured above. It was huge. Glenda ordered a pork belly sandwich which was equally huge and delicious. They also have salads and other sandwiches, the sides on Thursday were a choice of greens, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. We of course went the carb route and had mac and cheese and potato salad and sampled each others. Delicious.

The Local Butcher obviously has meat. Steaks, roasts, lots of meat. I will go back and get meat next week, I had too many other errands to run to get any this week. The service was excellent and the prices good. If you are on Canal Street at lunchtime I would recommend them for sure!

P.S. They had no idea who I was or that I was going to write about them. That is how I like it!