Friday, May 8, 2015

Baci Pizza

UPDATE (8/29/2015): We went back again and the pizza was fantastic! Very good service and happy to say we will be returning! 

UPDATE(5/28/2015): I went back to Baci yesterday for lunch and it was not nearly as good as the first time. We sent back some of the food, which I very rarely do and what we didn't send back wasn't very good. The service was ok, but not on the level we had the first time. I hope it is growing pains and they can get it together. 

I finally went to Baci Pizzeria yesterday after hearing about it from various friends. All love it and raved about the food! So my lunch buddy Glenda and I headed over there yesterday (to be honest the line at the Taco Shack was too long). All the things I heard were true and then some!

We ordered the Arugula Salad, the Antipasto and a 12" Pizza Rustica. The Antipasto was huge and diner party worthy, I would take this bad boy home and slap it on a plate and pretend I made it for guests. It was that good and looked gorgeous. All of the food was fresh and delicious. The service was fast and friendly and the food came out quickly. I saw a few sandwiches go by, they looked really good as well, Glenda has had the Panini's and said they are excellent.

Baci is located at 830 N. Dixie Freeway in NSB. The only not positive thing I can say is they do not seem to have a website or a menu online, I checked Yelp and all those sites and could not find one. They also have two Facebook pages which is quite confusing. I would be happy to help them fix these two tiny problems, if they are reading this please call me for help at Sunfest Media (shameless self-promotion). I highly recommend for lunch, dinner or take out!!

Here is a picture of the menu to save you some time.