Thursday, May 28, 2015

Class of 2015

All of you fellow 2015 graduate parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters...whoever actually raised these kids...this is for you. They made it. We did it. At least most of it. What happens now is largely up to them.

I am sure you have seen all the pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Google and all the other social media places I failed to mention. Prom pictures, baby pictures, cap and gown pictures, senior, diplomas...these are our kids. I am sad, my baby is all but grown up and my work here is really done, the decisions he makes going forward are really up to him.

I sat in my closet the other night and looked through pictures, baby pictures, toddler pictures, pictures with scooters, puppies, kittens, grandparents, friends. Endless first day of school pictures, turns out they are not endless, the end is here. That last first day of school picture has happened.

We cut up apples, packed lunches, cooked chicken nuggets, tried to get them to share. Watched them eat dirt, took them to the first day of school, hit too many drive thru lines, buried their first pet,   helped with homework. Watched sports, volunteered, did science projects at midnight, talked to teachers, hoped they would make friends and never be hurt. Went on field trips, typed research papers, looked at Pinnacle and screeched, had teenagers tell us to "RELAX" (that was always my favorite)...and prayed...a lot.

We made choices for them and hoped they were the right ones, we had to let them make choices and we hoped they were the right ones.

Tonight is Honors Night and tomorrow Graduation. Congratulations. We did it.